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Harm of low tire pressure
time:2018-12-28 16:52:55      click:668

A. The friction coefficient with pavement will increase and fuel consumption will increase.

B. The steering wheel is very heavy, easy to run off and other factors that are not conducive to driving safety;

C. Increase the movement of all parts of the tire and cause abnormal fever of the tire due to excessive rolling.

D. Decrease the function of cord and rubber, cause delamination or excessive friction between cord breakage and rim, cause damage to the bead and abnormal wear;

E. The friction between the tire and the ground increases exponentially, the tire temperature rises sharply, the tire becomes soft and the strength decreases sharply. When a vehicle is running at a high speed, it may cause a tire burst.

F. Too low tire pressure will increase the deformation of the matrix, cause cracks on the side of the tire, and produce flexion movement, which will cause excessive heating, promote rubber aging, tire fatigue, cord breakage, and increase the tire grounding area, accelerating shoulder wear.

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